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Cracking Your Head For Your Next Email Newsletter?

Get Three Quick Ideas on How To Avoid That

What You’re Going To Learn

  • A simple web tool to help generate ideas for you
  • Content Curation
  • Building credibility with your own case studies

So you’ve decided to have an email newsletter. That’s great! Sending periodic e-newsletters is a great way to nurture your prospects, boost your brand and even generate inquiries.

However, a lot of trainers, coaches and speakers I know struggle in coming up with ideas for their email newsletter. 

No joke! Come up with fresh new ideas every week is hard! Plus, if you are always sending the same content over and over again, your subscribers are going to get bored. You will lose the element of surprise and freshness, and worse, since you’ve become predictable, they may even unsubscribe from your list!

Well, although we will explore 58 content types and 21 evergreen contents in our HITmaker program, in the mean time,  here are 3 easy ways to easily come up with topics to write about.

Strategy 1 | The Topic + Life Method

This method introduced by the founder of is super simple.

All you need to do is pick a topic related to your service offerings, for example, leadership, communication or productivity, and combine with an element of life, kids, love, fears, careers, emotional side etc.

Here are some quick examples taken from the tool:

  • What my kids have taught me about leadership.
  • 3 tests I did this year that doubled my leadership skills.
  • Some of my friends HATED that I was so successful with communication.
  • Communication is super easy if you master this 3 key steps.
  • Productivity tools you can use for less than $50 each.
  • How to use these productivity hacks to double your sales.

Of course, you may need to rephrase the suggestions slightly as the tool may get the context wrong. The key here is to nudge you so that you have the main idea to expand and write on.

Strategy 2 | Curated Contents

There are already tons of contents out there from other news and media portals, like, Financial Times, NPR Podcast.

Chances are, you’re already consuming the info from there anyway. Why not just pick one, highlight the key points for your subscribers, and give them the link to the original contents?

This way, in the eyes of your audience, you are adding value to them because you took the time to pick the best contents, summarise the important points, and also making it relevant for them.

If you want a sample of how we do this, subscribe to our Friday@4 weekly newsletter, where we pick the best ideas, inspirations and insights of the week, summarize and share our quick thoughts on it, and send it to our database.

Strategy 3 | Case Studies

Surely you’ve have lots of success stories on from your previous works with your clients. 

Why not write a story about them? 

Human’s generally love to be entertained by a good story, more so if it’s personal.

Plus, with case studies, you add another layer of credibility to your work, especially if you can get clients’ testimonials, before-and-after statistics, frameworks, live examples and more.

Here’s an bonus tip: with your clients’ permission, insert in photos of your sessions for additional social proof.

3 DOWN, 70+ TO GO!

In this age where attention is the currency, ensuring you have fresh and frequent content is key. If you think these 3 content ideation strategies are useful, wait till you check out the full-suite of frameworks, templates, quick hacks, and cheatsheets in our 90-Days HITmaker Program. 


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!

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