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HITmaker Intensive

Become a High Income Trainer During & After the MCO Lockdown

Inside this 2-hour webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Position yourself as the relevant choice in the eyes of your prospects and clients
  • Attract your prospects easily and effectively using a simple content distribution strategy
  • Discover the Three Core Key Areas of Focus in your new virtual training profession
  • Identify the primary indicators to know if you’re going up the right path (and how to pull the handbrake and pivot if you’re not)
  • Leverage proven strategies to propel yourself into the brave new world of corporate training 2.0
  • and more!

This Webinar Will Help Prepare You To Be An Online-Ready Trainer & Position You As The Go-To Authority in The New World of Virtual Training

The corporate training world is going to hit a big RESET button, and corporate trainers like you will be faced with TWO choices.

Option #1 Pray that the old way of training will come back and everything will return to normal.

Option #2 Prepare yourself to ride the wave and Position yourself as the cutting-edge trainer of the new world.

Now, I’ll be frank.

If you choose Option #1, you can stop reading now.

I wish you all the best, but you and I know that in the dead silence of the night, as you lay awake worried about your future, you will come to realise this truth:-

Like the fax machines, floppy disks and disposable cameras, you will soon be in a world where your clients are demanding for a new training experience that you’re not equipped to offer.

But if you choose Option #2, let’s talk.

Hi, I’m Maverick, and in the last 17+ years, I’ve marketed international superstars like John C Maxwell, Philip Kotler and W Mitchell, and local legends like Richard La Faber, Coach Mel Leow and Dr. Billy Kueek.

And from large scale conferences to close group masterminds, I used newspaper ads, direct mails, fax flyers, SMS, emails, social media, professional directories, live events, webinars and more.

Yes, I had moved with the times, not because I am good, but because I had too. It’s because the market – your prospects and clients – are progressing faster than you think, and as a wise mentor once told me,

“It’s either you let the world change you, or you change the world.”

While other training providers were using teams of telemarketers to fill their programs, I did it with a series of emails broadcasts.

While they used brochures that will eventually be thrown in the dustbin, I used lead magnets like videos and ebooks.

While they used offline previews to generate leads, I did it with online webinars.

And I didn’t do it just for my own programs; I did it for others trainers, speakers and coaches too.

And if you allow me, I can make it happen for you too.


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!


High Five! Let's get started!

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